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The wind tunnel sidewall effects on the airflow on the lee side of the single plants can be neglected. To adjust the profile of the incoming wind speed and increase the thickness of the boundary layer, we set up roughness elements, composed of eight rows of bricks, at the test section of …

Wind tunnel study of airflow recovery on the lee side of ...

2/17/2008 · Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, multimedia video from Physics Education, 2003, by Holger Babinsky.

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Perform wind tunnel testing in Inventor to gain insight earlier in the development process. Revit Perform flow analysis and airflow simulation within Revit Building Information Modeling software.

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Wind Tunnel. The study of aerodynamics and its application within the mechanical, power, renewable energy, aeronautical and automotive engineering sectors is of crucial importance.

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The Altitude Wind Tunnel (AWT) could produce wind speeds up to 500 miles per hour through its large 20-foot-diameter test section at the standard operating altitude of 30,000 feet. The average speed at lower altitudes was 345 miles per hour. The airflow was created by a large fan near the southeast corner.

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Airflow Sciences Corporation maintains its own subsonic wind tunnel (34" x 17" test section) for small aerodynamic analyses. One aspect that can be evaluated is drag reduction. For race cars, a balance between minimum drag (for speed) and maximum down force (for traction) is the key goal.

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A low-speed, open-circuit wind tunnel of the suction type was designed and built in the Department of Rural Engineering of the University of Almería (Spain), mainly for experiments related to greenhouse agriculture. The use of the wind tunnel enables a controlled environment to be simulated in terms of temperature and airflow velocity.

A Wind Tunnel Study of Airflow through Horticultural Crops ...

WIND TUNNEL EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF AIRFLOW AND POLLUTION DISPERSION IN AREAWAY SPACE Zhen BU*, Shinsuke KATO**, Takeo TAKAHASHI**, Hong HUANG** ... wind tunnel can allow easier and more accurate control of wind speed and wind direction as well as the study of ... airflow and dispersion characteristics in areaway space and to investigate the ...


With aerodynamics the cutting edge of design for bikes, components and clothing, airflow modelling and wind tunnel testing of new products are key for the bike industry.