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tunnels on the pacific railroad

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Tunnels on the Pacific Railroad - cprr.org

The Union Pacific Railroad was built, and its location revised, under the direction of S. B. Reed, Engineer and Super intendent of Construction. The accounts of tunnels 1 and 2 are from personal observation, and of tunnels 3 and 4 from data furnished by Edward P. North, Resident Engineer of work in Weber Cañon.

List of tunnels in California - Wikipedia

Bridges and Tunnels on the Transcontinental Railroad. The successful design of bridges, ... Instead of using steam power to dig its tunnels, the Central Pacific Railroad relied on the muscle of men wielding hammers and chisels to make the holes into which blasting powder was packed.

Tunnels & Bridges - The Transcontinental Railroad

7/22/2012 · Exploring the abandoned rail tunnels (and snowsheds) constructed by the Central Pacific Railroad in 1868 over Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevadas. This was built as part of the original ...

History of the Union Pacific Railroad - Wikipedia

2/21/2007 · See THREE parts of this long Canadian Pacific Railway train at once as it pushes upgrade through the Lower Spiral Tunnel in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada, just East of Field.

Donner Rail Tunnels - YouTube

Railroad tunnels, also known bores, are an expensive but somtimes necessary means to keep grades low across mountain ranges. The first such structure was the Staple Bend Tunnel of 1834.

CPR Spiral Tunnel 3 parts of same train at once in shot ...

Gillis, John R. Tunnels of the Pacific Railroad. Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engineering Magazine, Vol. II, 1870 pp. 418-423. New! Examples of Pottery Used in 19th century CPRR Chinese Worker Camps **"Nameless Builders of the Transcontinental Railroad" by William F. Chew, 2004. Mr.

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Railroad Engineering Records: Bridges & Tunnels. This page presents records and firsts for railroad tunnels, bridges, and stations in the U.S. and worldwide. ... The highest railroad bridge in the USA is the Pit River Bridge on the Union Pacific Railroad at Shasta Lake, California. The cantilever bridge carries a highway and two tracks over ...


By 1865, the Central Pacific Railroad was concentrating its workforce on building a series of tunnels to cross the summit of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Between the tunnels, mountain slopes provided ample surface for tracks, but the extreme weather at the highest elevations impeded progress.