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Prediction of roadheaders' performance using artificial ...

Predicting performance is an essential task for efficient application of roadheader and is mainly related to evaluation of instantaneous cutting rate (ICR) for various cutting conditions. ICR is defined as the amount of rock excavated per time of cutting (tons or cubic meter/cutting hour).

Prediction of roadheader performance by artificial neural ...

Performance prediction is one of the major parameters for the success of roadheader applications and generally deals with machine selection, production rate, and bit consumption. Instantaneous cutting rate (ICR) is defined as the production rate during a continuous excavation phase in m 3 /h.

Predicting roadheader performance by using artificial ...

It is concluded that roadheader performance could be accurately predicted as a function of unconfined compressive strength, Brazilian tensile strength, rock quality designation, and alpha angle R 2 = 0.987. Sensitivity analysis reveals that the most effective parameter on roadheader performance is the unconfined compressive strength.


Roadheader performance and related parameters are reviewed and their effects on the production and advance rate are discussed. Among the parameters influencing the machine performance, the most important one is the cutterhead design which could be optimized for a specific application. The

A new model to predict roadheader performance using rock ...

Abstract. Prediction of roadheader performance plays a significant role in the plan of tunnel construction, which is influenced by different key parameters, including rock strength, discontinuity in rock mass, type and specifications of roadheader machine, and brittleness.


Correlations of observed roadheader performance with each author’s combination of laboratory measurements, with or without rock mass characteristics, have led to some success in “ball-park” predictions of future field performance.

A model to predict the performance of roadheaders based on ...

A model to predict the performance of roadheaders based on the Rock Mass Brittleness Index ... Performance prediction is an important factor for successful roadheader application and generally deals with machine selection, production rate and bit consumption. ... In this study, rock mass brittleness index (RMBI) is defined in order to ...

Roadheader excavation performance

Excavation performance is a term used in underground construction to describe the influence of a number of parameters on the cutting rate and the tool wear of a roadheader.

(PDF) Roadheader applications in mining and tunneling

Roadheader applications in mining and tunneling ... of Colorado School of Mines on the use of historical data for use as a performance predictor model. ... of roadheader performance, only a few of ...

The performance of a roadheader in high strength rock ...

The performance of roadheader was recorded contin-uously during tunnel excavation. The summary of the roadheader performance is given Table 2 and Figure 10. Monthly advance rates of the roadheader are shown in 818 Figure 6. Unrelieved and relieved cutting modes and the