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Boring Bars - Competitive Carbide - Dramatically Different

Indexable Boring Bars We design and manufacture an extensive array of special indexable boring tools, along with solid carbide shank and heavy metal boring bars. Competitive Carbide’s boring solutions will save you time and money.

Indexable Boring Bars and Heads - Grainger Industrial Supply

Indexable boring bars can enlarge holes that have already been drilled. Featuring several types of cutting edges, they are designed for industrial use with solid steel shanks and coolant holes.

shars.com - Boring Bars

Shars Tool stocks a comprehensive selection of boring bars, boring bar holders, and boring bar sets designed to meet your needs. With a variety of indexable configurations, coolant through capabilities, indexable insert variety, and sizes, our stock is sure to get you the right bar for the right job. Browse below and buy today!

Stubby ™ Boring Bars - NTM

STUBBY™ INDEXABLE BORING BARS AND DRILLS NTM’s Stubby™ Line of Tooling is designed to save you time and money.

Carbide Indexable Boring Bars for Lathes and Milling Machines

Indexable boring bars for lathes. Positive rake. Inserts are not included. TPGB-221 or TPGC-221 inserts must be used in bars requiring 1/4" I.C. inserts. TPGB-321, TPGB-322, TPGC-321, or TPGC-322 must be used in bars requiring 3/8" I.C. inserts. Please note that other inserts, such as TPG or TNMG, will not have the correct hole and countersink.

Boring Bars | Boring Tools | Carbide Depot Shop Online

Choose from a variety of boring bars, boring tools, and machine accessories at Carbide Depot shop online. We carry boring bar styles such as multilock, wedge lock, screwdown, solid carbide…

Indexable Boring Bars Steel Heavy Metal, Carbide Solid ...

A complete source of Indexable Boring Bars. Steel, Heavy Metal, Carbide,Solid And Through Coolant. The solution to all of your Turning and Boring Applications.

Boring Bars Carbide, Solid Carbide Indexable

Home>Indexable Tooling>Boring and Turning >Boring Bars >Boring Bars Carbide Solid Indexable. Boring Bars Carbide Solid Indexable. A selection of solid Carbide Indexable Boring Bars MAXIMUM Rigidity Efficiency, Reduced Neck, Steel Coolant Adapter For use in TOUGHER applications. Products (Total Items: 1 ) SVJBR Carbide Boring Bar 35 Degree -52 ...

carbide boring bars indexable - Alibaba

Indexable turning tool holder manufacturer, cnc boring bar tool holder with metal carbide inserts It is an important tool for for machining in CNC machining,Its purpose to prevent tools from shanking and to control,make tools vibarte which also called CNC extension rod.


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