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Wind tunnel - Wikipedia

Automotive Wind Tunnels - Making Aerodynamic Cars. 7 Aug 2010, 15:04 UTC · ... already know this, wind tunnel testing were initially aimed at conducting aerodynamic research mostly involving ...

Car Aerodynamics in a Wind Tunnel - YouTube

Full-Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel. HORIBA MIRA operate the UK’s only full-scale aerodynamic wind tunnel. The facility is primarily designed for automotive / motorsport product development and provides a repeatable, cost-effective solution for the aerodynamic test and development for …

Automotive Wind Tunnels - Making Aerodynamic Cars ...

Wind–tunnel testing is an integral part of the design process in many industries, typically used to verify and tune the aerodynamic properties of solid objects. Whether an object is stationary or mobile, wind tunnels provide insight into the effects of air as it moves over or around the test model.

Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel | MIRA

Scale models are used in the Automotive Wind Tunnel Emmen (AWTE) to develop and optimize the aerodynamics of cars competing in various race series such as LeMans, Formula 3, WTCC and others. The AWTE and its infrastructure are especially adapted to automotive testing with models up …

Wind Tunnel Testing - Prototyping Solutions

Established in 2008, Windshear is an independent rolling road wind tunnel facility focused on the customer experience. Windshear provides manufacturers, motorsports teams, and a variety of other automotive clientele access to a state-of-the-art facility that delivers actionable and repeatable results.

Automotive Wind Tunnel | Aerodynamics

Carbon Fiber is the customary, traditional material for scale wind tunnel testing. The ultimate tire for long term, maintenance free testing. Quick Build Tires using 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, technology allows for multiple tire and tread shape to be tested without long lead times and expensive costs.

Windshear – full-scale, rolling road, aerodynamic wind ...

Competition is increasing in the automotive and industrial sectors – putting pressure on clients to expand into new markets, cut costs, and improve the long-term value and performance of their facilities. ... Indy Car Testing (Windshear Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel) Test Operations, Concord, NC, USA, Image courtesy Schmidt Peterson Motorsports.

Wind Tunnel Vehicle Testing Facility | ARC

Automotive - Wind Tunnel Testing One aspect that can be evaluated is drag reduction. For race cars, a balance between minimum drag (for speed) and maximum down force (for traction) is the key goal.